As squash facilities across the country begin the process of re-opening, US Squash is working closely with teaching professionals to ensure that play is resumed as safely as possible through a series of stages.

Although squash activity is initially limited due to the guidelines and limitations imposed by local authorities, the goal is to carefully and safely open up the options until there is a full suite of facility-based squash programming.  Together with teaching professionals, US Squash is developing a set of example programming that facilities around the country can use to fully engage their constituents.

Please refer to the summary chart here, indicating the phase each state is in and the correlating US Squash recommended stage. States, counties and municipalities will adjust their phases based on localized covid-19 conditions, which will impact the stage of facility activity.

The process for initial plans for the return to competition will include community input and proceed on the following timeline:

  • June 2020 – survey squash community regarding their likelihood to play in competition at the national, regional and local levels, with specific questions regarding tolerance of travel and overnight accommodations. (Completed)
  • July/August 2020 – Convene the US Squash Medical Advisory Committee, the Junior Squash Advisory Panel and newly established Return to Competition Working Group to provide recommendations to the US Squash Board. In addition, US Squash will host a series of Zoom calls, organized by region, for all interested families to gather input on the current regional landscape and to discuss the options for a return to competition. Specific topics that will be addressed include:
    • restarting the junior national rankings;
    • the role of regional competition;
    • supporting of school team participants;
    • the college recruiting process.
  • September/October 2020 – US Squash will announce a set of criteria for the stages required for return to national, regional and interstate competition.

For the first round of regional calls, families interested in participating should register as indicated below:-

Call in details will be emailed to you before the scheduled date.

  • West Coast Families (CA, WA, OR, AZ, NV, ID, MT, WY, CO, UT, HI, AK) – July 27rd 8pm ET

West Coast Register Here


  • Middle States (OH, KY, TX, GA, IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, NE, KS, ND, SD, LK, AR, LA, MS, AL, FL, NC, SC, TN, WV, MO) – July 28th 6pm ET

Middle States Register Here


  • Eastern States (NH, MA, ME, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA) – July 29th  5pm

East Coast Register Here


A second round of calls will be scheduled to take place in mid-August.

US Squash thanks the entire junior community, including families, coaches, and facilities, for their engagement in this planning process.